The Apostolic men are made up of male and  female member  of the network, who are below 60 years Those between 50-60 years of age can belong to either the Apostolic men/ women, as the need and circumstances dictate where they reside.

In addition to the general objectives listed above, the apostolic men also

1. Provide a measure of corporate apostolic and prophetic /city  leadership  for  their  various cities, communities and Universities.

2. Provide leadership at various important gates in the  city  e.g.  Spiritual, political, social, Economic, education, etc.]

3. Provide teachings and exemplary godly life and leadership styles.

4. Protect the city from spiritual pollution.

5. Identify causes of death and stumbling blocks in the city and take steps to destroy them

6. Mentor one another and younger leaders.

7. Help discover the redemptive gift of their cities/communities.

8. Network with one another like Prophet Elisha networked with General  Jehu  to carry out God’s divine purposes.

9. Help  everyone  connected  to  attain  the highest level of their callings and gifting.


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