Rev. Mosy U. Madugba

Rev. Mosy U. Madugba is currently the International Head Coordinator of Ministers Prayer Network a Global Apostolic and Prophetic Network of Christians in Church, political, economic, academic and social leadership positions in over seventy countries around the world. He is the founder and International Director of Spiritual Life Outreach, Inc. an international indigenous evangelistic and missionary organization which owns two Ministry Colleges and has missionaries in different parts of Europe and Africa.

He is the Executive Director of Africa Leadership Institute with Directors from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and South Africa.

He has been a Christian leader since 1971. He is a pastor to over 2, 000 ministers comprising of pastors, bishops, apostles, prophets, teachers and evangelists around the world. He has travelled to various parts of the world for either missions, evangelism, or to speak at conferences. He leads large evangelistic crusades and hosts annually over 25, 00 ministers in Global and National Prayer and leadership conferences. He invented the word Prayerquake used for his prayer conferences. He is an attested Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a strong Prophetic voice.

His ministry school in USA trains men and women in prayer, power evangelism and spiritual warfare. He carries strong divine grace for healing and miracles and makes the word of God come alive in his teachings.

He has ministered to several Heads of nations including the Presidents of Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Israel and Ghana, and the Prime Minister of Australia and key political leaders form other countries on one on basis and at seminars and conference settings. He has facilitated successful city and regional transformational moves with remarkable testimonies.

He has written lots of books on several like subjects the Apostolic and the Prophetic move of God, Leadership, etc. They include Elders at the Gate, Understanding the current Apostolic and Prophetic move of God, Four Levels of Spiritual Warfare, Missions Now As Never, Prayer Power, Foundations Necessary for Successful Marriage, When Women Pray like Women, etc.

He studied Accountancy, Education and Theology. He belongs to the Assemblies of God Church denomination. He has received several awards on missions, leadership and mentoring. He is married to Chinyere Gloria Madugba and they have three children. They all live in the City of Port Harcourt in southern part of Nigeria.







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