These are very young boys and girls as well as young men and women from teenage ages to the ages of 35yrs as long as they are single. They are free to join the other units too.

In addition to pursuing the general objectives of MPN, they will pursue the following additional objectives that are relevant to them.

  • Demonstration of the apostolic and prophetic graces among their fellows around the world.
  • Train people of their age brackets to become godly kingdom leaders like Shedrach, Mishack and Abednego.
  • Train and practice spiritual warfare, to possess the gates of their enemies (Isaiah 28:5).
  • Be aggressive apostolic witnesses for Christ, with uncommon miracles, signs and wonders following their activities.
  • Acquire the necessary virtues and characteristics of servant leadership as a permanent lifestyle and be made ready to serve selflessly at all times.
  • Learn to dream, interpret and execute godly visions like Joseph and Daniel, with apparent spirit of excellence.
  • Provide readily available work force for Kingdom assignments in the city and nations, where they reside.
  • Provide support for Mpn operations

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