• To provide for a in every city of the world and opportunity for Christians, particularly those in leadership positions, to meet regularly, to effectively pray for the spiritual transformation of their lives, homes, cities, churches/ ministries and themselves as well.
  • To catalyze apostolic and prophetic reformations of the church worldwide, so as to generate and sustain the signs and wonders of the kingdom of God on earth.
  • To help restore prayer and the word of God to their rightful places in the body of Christ.
  • To train apostolic and prophetic leaders to recover and take charge of the various gates in the nations.
  • To provide for a and opportunities to tell ourselves some hard truths in love, to save us from drifting with some observable negative tides within the global church.
  • To help the church to rise up to the expectations of heaven in this divine season, and play her role to bring about the anticipated Global Revival. To yield ourselves as instruments in the hands of God to raise, train, equip, empower, anoint and commission an undefeatable Recovery Army for the Lord, to recover all grounds lost in the past by the Church, and to release on her a season of refreshing.
  • To help every woman to understand that this is the best decade of God’s daughters, a decade when women will have the greatest opportunities to become anything they want to become, on the surface of the earth, a decade which will afford us the greatest opportunities worldwide to excel, and make unprecedented progress in every field of human endeavour.

We have four units in this great family namely : The Apostolic Elders, The Apostolic Men, The Apostolic Women and the Apostolic Youths.

What are their Characteristics:

     They are God’s end time army Showcased in this season 

In this decade, a great and an unstoppable end time army is being raised by God, to show case His power on the earth, and to do exploits for Him. It is not an age for performers who have no relationship with God. It is an age for they that know their God, who will be strong and will do exploits. Daniel 11:32.  It is an army that is loaded with the word of God and will release it at the right time like bullets against the enemy, an army that will compel contrary powers, authorities and thrones to bow to the lordship of Jesus.       

They Are A Recovery Army like the Joel’s Army

Their aim is to unseat the devil from lives, homes, the Church and the society and give back to God and to the people their inheritance, which he has been sitting on over the years.

Facts to Note about The Joel’s Army: Joel 2:2-11

  • It is raised at a time of war, in a day of battle, the day of the Lord, wherein He will manifest and magnify himself before men.
  • This is a very strong army, great in number, like the locusts and caterpillars that invade a land for destruction.
  • The members of this army act like bulldozers and eat up everything on their path when they invade a land.
  • They invade a land like a fire raging with fury, and have the ability to transform all that is beautiful into desolation. Etc.

             They Are People Of Integrity.

They do not fluctuate in their character.  They are people of integrity.  Their word is their bond.  Who they are in their secret chamber is also who they are outside.  Their lives are transparent.  They have no skeletons in their cupboards.

Their Strength Is Unity.

They speak one language. It does not matter what names they go by or what regiment they belong to, once they are part of this global army, they speak one language, the language of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks the same things to them in different places, nations and cantonments.  They all belong to one family and they operate as such.

They are kingdom Minded. They do not talk about their tribes or tongues.  Their lifestyle is of the Kingdom and their loyalty is also to the Kingdom. They are conscious of the fact that they are not building a kingdom for themselves but for God.  They do not do the work because of what they will gain from it. They serve the Lord selflessly and sacrificially expecting nothing in return. God is their satisfaction.  They have no personal agenda.  Their major joy and fulfillment comes in seeing the Master fulfilled.  Their meat is to do God’s will and ensure that the task He gave them is finished.

They Are Loyal To And Committed both to God and to the Vision. Daniel 3:16-18

Commitment has to do with a stubborn, unstoppable, irrevocable resolve to follow through a time of action, pursue a cause or a goal to a successful end.  Daniel 3:1-11. Every team member must be willing to pay a price.  They must be willing to lay down their lives in the interest of the team.

They are Bold Proverbs 28:1

Boldness is a major hallmark of the mpn family members. Learn to refuse every form of intimidation. Be courageous and outspoken. You cannot be with Jesus and be a coward.  Women who excel on the frontline are not timid or shy. They are very bold women. Proverbs 28:1 reminds us that the righteous are as bold as a lion.

They Are Courageous

Courage is the ability to confront and conquer your fears and be able to effectively carry out your tasks inspite of your fears. Courageous people do not focus on their fears but on the task and how to accomplish it. Do not allow your fears to paralyze you from accomplishing your task. Be ready to question and fight systems and status quo that are not right

They Choose the Path of Excellence. Daniel 5:12, Daniel 6:1-3

Excellence is defined as surpassing and exceeding others in some good qualities. It also means to be extraordinary and distinguished from among others, to be rated first among equals, to be outstanding, superb, superior and preeminent.

They Are Praying People.  Daniel 6:10, Daniel 2:17-19, James 5:16

They belong to the PUSH company, those who “Pray Until Something Happens.” 

They Are Dead To The Flesh. Daniel 1:8

Mpn people balance their knowledge of the word with an excellent character.  Like Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 9:27 “I discipline my body and bring it under subjection so that after preaching to others, I myself will not be disqualified”. They know how to put the flesh under control, that the spirit of God will have his way in their lives.  Their deadness to the flesh is supposed to be evident by the humility they display in their conducts.

They Are Available To Serve in the King’s court

Every mpn member is called to serve. It is necessary that we understand our vision and commission and serve with all sense of dedication and sacrifice to fulfill it. Service is a ministry. To serve is to contribute to the welfare and well-being of others with cheerfulness.

They understand their Purpose and Passionately Carry It Out

Understanding the mpn vision and your part in it births in you a zeal, passion and commitment to pursue it. It energizes you from the inside and releases on you a supernatural ability to pursue it.

They are A Strong And Warring Army – 2 Timothy 2:2-4

This army fights major battles. They are strong, swift and fearless. Every part of their body is a weapon of warfare. Any part could be used at anytime depending on what instructions they receive from the commander.

They Are Conscious Of The Company They keep

They hang out with the right people who are heading the same direction as them, because He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed. Proverbs 13:20.

They Are Hardworking

Hard work puts you in a class where only a few achievers belong to. It stands you out among your equals. It keeps you at the above average level, where insults and disrespect are far from you. The higher you go in life, the more sacrifices you need to make to stay there. No one ever rises to the top by lying on his ivory bed of complacency, eating the bread of idleness.

They Invest In People

People do not really care how much you know or who you think or say that you are, until they know how much you love and care for their welfare. You need to have a genuine love and concern for people. Look out for ways you can add value to their lives and be a blessing to them. Luke 6:38.  Givers are not only people who give money.  You can give love, attention, understanding, care, respect, time, compassion, talent, gifts, abilities, etc.

They Activate And Use Their  Potentials To Rule Their World

God in his graciousness deposited his graces upon every one of us. They are in forms of innate gifts, abilities, talents, strengths, potentials, skills, etc. They are his gracious deposits upon your life and the more you use them, the sharper, greater, and more valuable they become. It is our responsibility to recognize these graces and put them to use to add value to lives tied to our loins. Look out for opportunities to exercise your God given potentials. You are created to be a solution to your world and an answer to the questions around you.

They Operate With Great Grace

Grace is unmerited favour and divine enablement to do extra ordinary things that the ordinary man cannot do. In Acts 4:33. It qualifies the disqualified and distinguishes the despised. It enables you to outrun those that have gone ahead of you.  It pulls those at the bottom up to the top.  It introduces the most unlikely candidates.  It colours your little efforts and covers your errors.

They Operate Under The Unction Of The Holy Spirit.

They operate under the unction of the Holy Spirit.  The things they accomplish are not accomplished in the arm of the flesh.  They are endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It is not as if they are very qualified or very gifted.  They do not see themselves as people who have all that they need to excel.  But by faith, they just make themselves available to the master and allow Him to use them as His showpiece to the devil and to the world.

They Are Trained To Train others.  Daniel 1:4-5,  2 Timothy 2:2“And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, the same commit to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”.

In this team, only those who are trained are approved and selected.  But many are eliminated through training.  Training is not pleasant, joyous and comfortable. But it is needed to toughen our skin, immune us and get us acquainted with the battles facing us. The level of training you acquire or are exposed to determines the much you can accomplish for God.  The more they work with him, the more He trains them to become better and proficient

They Are On Fire For God

God is releasing His fire on His people now as He has never done before.  This fire is for empowerment, and also for cleansing.  It burns off every chaff in our lives and purifies us like gold.  It gives us the boldness to challenge the devil.  It makes us too hot for any fly from hell to perch on

They Are Obedient To His Instructions

Obedience is the key to excellence in this army. Members of this team are totally obedient and submissive to God. They absolutely depend on Him for success. Even when the instructions they receive do not make sense to their human minds, they still obey once they are sure that it is the voice of God. There is no room for partial obedience in this team.  You are welcome to this great family. Find your place and make the needed difference in your world.



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