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The Church today in Prophecy and Understanding the Vision of MPN by Rev.Prof. Mosy Madugba



Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) started officially on January 18,1995. The International Head Coordinator, Rev Mosy U. Madugba was motivated to start Ministers Prayer Network as a result of his visit with David Yongi Cho and some Board members of Church Growth International in Seoul, South Korea in October 1989. This was reinforced, by another meeting he had with Mr. George Tuck of West Midlands vision in Birmingham, England on June 12,1992 where he listened to the amazing transformation story of the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA through the power of corporate prayers as was narrated by Raid carpenter at a breakfast meeting at the Forte Crest Hotel, Heil street in Birmingham England. The fuller story is contained in our MPN Operational Handbook.



  • To provide for a in every city of the world and opportunity for Christians, particularly those in leadership positions, to meet regularly, to effectively pray for the spiritual transformation of their lives, homes, cities, churches/ ministries and themselves as well.
  • To catalyze apostolic and prophetic reformations of the church worldwide, so as to generate and sustain the signs and wonders of the kingdom of God on earth.
  • To help restore prayer and the word of God to their rightful places in the body of Christ.
  • To train apostolic and prophetic leaders to recover and take charge of the various gates in the nations.
  • To provide for a and opportunities to tell ourselves some hard truths in love, to save us from drifting with some observable negative tides within the global church.
  • To help the church to rise up to the expectations of heaven in this divine season, and play her role to bring about the anticipated Global Revival. To yield ourselves as instruments in the hands of God to raise, train, equip, empower, anoint and commission an undefeatable Recovery Army for the Lord, to recover all grounds lost in the past by the Church, and to release on her a season of refreshing.
  • To help every woman to understand that this is the best decade of God’s daughters, a decade when women will have the greatest opportunities to become anything they want to become, on the surface of the earth, a decade which will afford us the greatest opportunities worldwide to excel, and make unprecedented progress in every field of human endeavor.

We have four units in this great family namely : The Apostolic Elders, The Apostolic Men, The Apostolic Women and the Apostolic Youths. Read more


The Reconciliation Visit 


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ARMS OF MPN: Apostolic WomenApostolic elders, Apostolic elders ,



JANUARY 6-11 2019

Prayer Points

  1. Thank God for his unfailing love towards you and your family, towards MPN and thank Him for the huge success He gave us during the last Global Prayerquake 2018. Psalm 107:8 Psalms 66:8.


  1. Pray that the heartbeat of God will be accomplished
  • In our lives.
  • In Ministers Prayer Network
  • In the global Church
  • In the lives of preachers of the gospel
  • In our cities, Local Government Areas, Countries and Nations. Revelation 11:15,

Luke 22:42.


  • Global Prayerquake Conference 2019 holds 6th to 11th January, 2019. The Theme is The Great Awakening. Please pray concerning the following:


  1. For Open Heavens over the Conference. Matt 3:16


  1. Ask God to take over His Conference in every ramification. Col 1: 18c


  1. For the Baptism of fresh Fire on everyone that will come. Matt 3: 11, Heb 1:7. Malachi 3:2.


  1. Speak to the sun, moon, winds, trees, sand, water, air; speak to every creation to partner with God in bringing men to the Conference. Speak to the hearts of men; release them to attend the conference. Job 22:28.


  1. For Prof. and Rev. Mrs. Madugba that the Holy Spirit will give them specific directions in running the kingdom projects entrusted into their hands and specific instructions regarding the forth coming Conference. Let His voice and leading be very clear to them and to all other MPN officers at every level. 1 Corinthians 2:10, John 14:26, Isaiah 11: 2.


  1. For financial and material provisions from hearts He has touched, to enable us run the conference smoothly and tidy up the structures in ICC that will house the delegates. Call forth provisions for those who want to be in the conference. Psalm 34: 10, Psalm 37:25, Philippians 4:19.


  1. For all our Conference Speakers, that they will receive God’s undiluted word for the season and deliver it with power and unction to the delegates. Isaiah 50: 4-5, Ephesians 6:19.


  1. Good weather so that flights can take off from any part of the world safely and also land   Psalm 107: 29.


  1. That the gates of Nigeria will be lifted up for everyone that needs to be at this Conference       that no one will be refused visa. Psalm 24: 7 Psalm 5: 12.


  1. Pray for orderliness and concentration, that people will be focused and will not miss out     on the purpose for which they came to the Conference.


  1. Pray that the church will experience the manifestation of His Power and Presence like   never before and arise to make impact in this season. Isaiah 62:1. Pray that a great awakening will break out from this conference and hit the globe.


  1. Pray that this Conference will give birth to a Church that will carry His glory, yes a triumphant and Powerful Church. Ps 63: 2, Ps 26: 8, Isa 40: 5.


  1. Pray that through this conference, Nigeria will be ushered into her deliverance and     divine agenda. Let Nigerian Elections be decided spiritually in this conference. Obadiah vs. 17.


  1. Pray that God will drain every conference Speaker of stale and adulterated oil and pour on them His oil of Refreshing, that they will give us fresh food from heaven. Psalm 92:10, Ecclesiastes 9: 8.


  1. Pray against the raging of the enemy and their wicked conspiracies against this Conference. Job 5: 12, PS 68: 1.


  1. Pray for every department, that they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Excellence) to perform their duties maximally. Isaiah 11:2.


  1. Pray against violence in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Nigeria at large. That nothing will destabilize the conference or give an impression to the international community that Nigeria is not safe. Jere 29:7, Isaiah 8: 9-10.  Pray that Heavenly Security will work hand in hand with our Security team to ensure the safety of all our speakers and delegates. Deuteronomy 33: 12b.


100 Days Prayer And Fasting Schedule For All MPN Members In All The States In Nigeria And Worldwide.

You could decide to share out the fasting periods among the 3 units. Each unit could fast for 2 or 3 days when it is the turn of their state or nation  to fast. It is important that whichever group is praying, gather somewhere to close the fast and handle the prayer points.

Oct. 5th – 11th:     Rivers, Chad, Argentina, Enugu, Anambra, Benin Republique

Oct.12th –18th:     Rivers, Abia, Taraba, Benue, Uganda, Togo, South Africa, Ebonyi

Oct. 19th– 25thGermany, Delta, Imo, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea

Oct. 26th – 1st Nov.:  Abuja, Bayelsa, Nassarawa, Kenya, Jamaica, Rwanda, USA

Nov.2nd–8thSierra Leone, Niger State,Enugu, Belgium, Akwa Ibom, Cote d’ivoire

Nov. 9th– 15th:  Plateau, Lagos, Cross River, Kano, Brazil, Edo, U.K, Burundi, Guyana

Nov. 16th –22nd: Adamawa, Trinidad and Tobago, Domincan Republic, Gombe, Jigawa, Togo,

Nov.23rd–29th: Ebonyi, Kenya, South Africa, Guinea Conakry, Tanzania

Nov. 30th–6th Dec.:  Ghana, USA, Belgium, Malawi, Abuja, Barbaddos, Uganda

Dec. 7th-13th:  Canada, Gabon, Abia, Equatorial Guinea, Benin Republique

Dec. 14th – 20th:  Rivers,Cameroun, Benue, Kenya, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Imo

Dec. 21st – 27th: Barbados, antique & Barbuda, Guyana, Bahamas British Virgin Island

Dec. 28th – 3rd Jan.: Akwa Ibom, Delta, Kenya, Edo, Taraba, Trinidad and Tobago,

Jan. 4th – 12th: Abia, Chad, Anambara, Rivers, Abuja, Benin Republique, U.K

As you pray, if you receive specific words from the Lord concerning the conference or

MPN family, please type it and send it to the head office. gcmadugba@yahoo.com

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