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Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) started officially on January 18,1995. The International Head Coordinator, Rev Mosy U. Madugba was motivated to start Ministers Prayer Network as a result of his visit with David Yongi Cho and some Board members of Church Growth International in Seoul, South Korea in October 1989. This was reinforced, by another meeting he had with Mr. George Tuck of West Midlands vision in Birmingham, England on June 12,1992 where he listened to the amazing transformation story of the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA through the power of corporate prayers as was narrated by Raid carpenter at a breakfast meeting at the Forte Crest Hotel, Heil street in Birmingham England. The fuller story is contained in our MPN Operational Handbook.


  • To provide for a in every city of the world and opportunity for Christians, particularly those in leadership positions, to meet regularly, to effectively pray for the spiritual transformation of their lives, homes, cities, churches/ ministries and themselves as well.
  • To catalyze apostolic and prophetic reformations of the church worldwide, so as to generate and sustain the signs and wonders of the kingdom of God on earth.
  • To help restore prayer and the word of God to their rightful places in the body of Christ.
  • To train apostolic and prophetic leaders to recover and take charge of the various gates in the nations.
  • To provide for a and opportunities to tell ourselves some hard truths in love, to save us from drifting with some observable negative tides within the global church.
  • To help the church to rise up to the expectations of heaven in this divine season, and play her role to bring about the anticipated Global Revival. To yield ourselves as instruments in the hands of God to raise, train, equip, empower, anoint and commission an undefeatable Recovery Army for the Lord, to recover all grounds lost in the past by the Church, and to release on her a season of refreshing.
  • To help every woman to understand that this is the best decade of God’s daughters, a decade when women will have the greatest opportunities to become anything they want to become, on the surface of the earth, a decade which will afford us the greatest opportunities worldwide to excel, and make unprecedented progress in every field of human endeavour.

We have four units in this great family namely : The Apostolic Elders, The Apostolic Men, The Apostolic Women and the Apostolic Youths. Read more


Global Prayerquake Conference Message 2018


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