Who are the Apostolic Women?
 1. This is the Women arm of MPN, officially inaugurated 
 June 16-19, 2010 during our South-East Regional Apostolic Women Conference at Chapel of Redemption, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. They are leaders and good networkers wherever they are found.
 2. The word Apostle means "the sent one". So the
 Apostolic Women have this sense of mission. They are
 pioneers, pacesetters, trailblazers, pathfinders,
 forerunners, initiators, builders and establishers. They
 not only initiate new things but have the ability to launch
 the church into it and carry her into her destiny.
 3. They are praying women whose prayers shake the
 heavens and change situations in their environments.
 They are strong prayer mobilizers- like Mary the mother
 of John Mark who organized all night prayer meetings in
 her home when men were unable to do so (Acts 12).
 They are solution carriers and problem solvers.
 4. They penetrate into areas that other people will have
 difficulty getting into. They invade new territories, open
 the gates of nations, and turn the world rightside up.
 5. They showcase the power of God to their generation like
 the apostles of old did. They live out their names The
 Apostolic Women.
 6. They are great teachers of the Word. They disciple great
 men and women of God, competent to train even the
 greatest among men like Pricilla, the wife of Aquila did
 (Acts 18). They are knowledgeable and excel in every
 facet of life.
 7. They are great facilitators, resource providers, and
 catalysts. They facilitated the work of the early apostles
 by generously giving to support kingdom projects, like
 Susana and her team (Luke 8:3)
 8. They are women of power, carriers of divine fire, who
 terrify the kingdom of darkness with God's power that
 works mightily in them. They are a formidable force that
 cannot be stopped.
 To provide an apostolic platform for Godly women to train,
 get equipped and be spiritually empowered to excel in all areas of life.
 In addition to pursuing the general objectives of MPN, the
 Apostolic Women shall have the following specific objectives.
  To aspire to live up to the exemplary and outstanding
 kingdom lifestyles of the early apostolic women who
 were broken, bold, courageous and demonstrated the
 power of God wherever they were.
  To train, mentor and disciple themselves and other
 women to understand God's mandate upon kingdom
 women and to be prayerfully released to fulfil it.
  To create sufficient awareness of the season among
 Christian Women and to motivate them to make the best
 use of the season.
  To speak into themselves and other women the needed
 faith and courage to break away from traditional
 limitations and rise upwards for the best.
  To be equipped with the principles of higher standards of
 lifestyles, philosophies and mindsets that produce
 people of excellence, great performance and influence.
  To be provoked to love and strongly believe God for the
 very best in every area of life.
  To carry God's presence and glory into the society to
 influence her, and bring about transformation, to change
 the course of the world.
  To tear the covering casts over women that has kept
 them veiled and to release the seed of destiny within
 them to crush the head of the devil forever.
  To stand in full apostolic authority and take their place in
 the homes, market places, government, schools, church
 and businesses assigned to them by God.
  To confront and destroy the powers and activities of the
 enemy, in the homes, church and, society. To confront
 the wickedness in the nations and to shake the
  To network with other Christian bodies for greater
 national, continental and global impact and thereby fulfil
 the divine plan of God for women in this decade.
  To provide the needed resources, prayer support
 feminine touch for the work of MPN.





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