Welcome Ahead of Time by Rev.  Dr Mosy Madugba(International Head Coordinator MPN)

To all MPN Family members,

Welcome to the mpn Apostolic Women Summit which starts on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Every such big opportunity for home-coming is a thing of joy, celebration and to be cherished.  We get to know new members of the family, discuss family values and principles and reinforce our bonds. It is a time to be upgraded spiritually and socially, a time to climb the ladder of life in many areas.  It is a time to evaluate our success and aim for higher goals. As we look forward to a great time when we eat together and share testimonies, I pray you have a safe trip to GILGAL – Our International Convention Centre (ICC) at Obuzor Asa between Obehie and Oyigbo along Port Harcourt-Aba Express Road. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Ministry’s Administrator – Brother Chigozie Egbufor – 0803-362-6795 or Pastor Sunny Okigwe – 0706-301-8859. Again, welcome!

Rev. Dr. Mosy MadugbaInternational Head Coordinator


Family greetings and welcome to the Season of the Horsemen.
May I personally invite you, your women, men and youths to an Africa Continental Women Prayer and Leadership Summit organized by Ministers Prayer Network International office, which will take place at International Convention Centre ( Gilgal) Obuzor Asa, along Aba –Port Harcourt express way,  as from the afternoon of Sunday, the 10th of July by 4pm, to Friday, the 15th of July, 2016.
Ministers Prayer Network (mpn) is an Interdenominational, Global, Prophetic and Apostolic Movement, that has facilitated the raising of godly and prophetic leaders around the world, and has worked towards positive transformation of cities, states and nations through prayers and godly exemplary leadership for the past 21years.
Apostolic Womenwho are hosting this Summit, form the female arm of the Ministers Prayer Network. For the past 7 years, this Prophetic and Apostolic gathering has brought several women leaders from Africa and other continents together, on a non-denominational platform, to discuss issues that have to do with women, their homes, ministries and destinies.
God has through this gathering stabilized many homes, put many ministries on their right footings, revived and anointed women to make invaluable contributions in their homes and various church denominations. It has been a platform to accomplish a great dream in God’s heart for women, which is to be trained, get equipped and empowered to excel in all areas of human endeavours.
We have clearly heard from the Lord that this decade 2011 to 2020 is the best decade for God’s daughters, a decade when women, will have the greatest opportunities to become anything they want to become, on the surface of the earth, and make unprecedented progress in every field of human endeavour.  The Summit is therefore being put together to sensitize women globally about this kairos season and also achieve the following:
·Break the limitations that have kept women from recognising and fulfilling their destinies.
·Corporately offer intense prayers to create the atmosphere to help tear veils that have hidden women’s callings and potentials, release apostolic graces and radical anointing upon them to rule their world and change the course of history..
·Release apostolic mantles on them to enlarge their capacities to do exploits for God and run with the speed of a deer to accomplish kingdom assignments.
·Release upon women the anointing that will enable them to fulfil their destinies and bring them powerfully into their seasons of manifestations.
·Unveil, train, equip and empower them to go back as an undefeatable and unstoppable team, that will not be silenced by the devil, but will take up their weapons of war, march forward to the frontlines and plunder hell, an army that will tear Satan’s kingdom down.
·Groom them to become frontliners with the Spirit of Excellence.
Speakers will include the following servants and handmaidens of God: Rev. Dr. and Rev. Mrs. Mosy Madugba (International Coordinators of MPN), Mrs. Nneoma Florence Uche (First Lady, Methodist Church of Nigeria),Mrs. Mgbechi Ogbonne Uka (First Lady. Presbyterian Church of Nigeria), Mrs. Ezinne Patience Nne Nwosu(JP) (President M.U, W.G, of Abia Eccl. Diocese Ang Comm,., Bishop Paul Nya (Togo), Rev. Sam Kalu (PCN), Dr. Esther Uko –Nat.Women Fellowship President, UEC, Apostle Bruner Remmy (USA), Apostle Charles Tumwinee (Uganda), Mrs Chinyere Ordu, JP (Mama Evo Diocese, Ang Communion), Apostle Juennine Fox (USA), Prof. Pamela Eze-Uzomaka, Rev. Yinka John (UK), Dr. Edith Nwosu, Prophetess Sabina Akachukwu, Evang. Philip Munlip and Mrs Nnedi Odedo( First Lady, FGBMFI, Nigeria) and Engr. Chinwe Eze-Ajoku.
Mobilization/ Attendance: May I request that you please use your good office to help us inform and mobilise the women, youths and men under your sphere of influence to participate in this Conference. It will be a solemn Assembly where God will unveil His mind for us, our homes, the Church and the nations. It will be so impactful that you will not regret being a part of it. Women, it is your decade. Come and be empowered to rule your world. Men and Youth are also welcome.
Theme:        Rule Your World
Venue:         International Conference Centre, Obuzor Asa, Aba-PH Expressway. (Our Permanent site)
Date:            Sunday, July 10th   ( 4pm)  to Friday July 15th, 2016.
Hostel Accommodation: N1,000 (Local delegates)
Registration: N1,000 (Local delegates)
Hotel Accommodation:N3,500 and above per night.
Faithfully His and yours,
Rev. Mrs. Chinyere Madugba

International Head Coordinator, MPN Apostolic Women



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