MPN Global Prayer Quake

Day 5 Evening Session: How To Take A City For Christ by Apostle Frank Amedia 



MPN Global Prayer Quake

Day 5 Morning Session: Morning Charge by Prophet Mani Erfav


MPN Global Prayer Quake 2018

Day 4 Evening Session: High Praise


MPN Global Prayer Quake 2018

Day 4 Morning Session: The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail by Dr. Chid Okoroafor

 MPN Global Prayer Quake 2018

Day 4 Morning Session: Building Prophetic Marriages by Rev. Mrs Chinyere Madugba

 Global Mega Prayer Quake 2018 Day 4

Morning Sesion: Eating To Stay Healthy By Evang. Godiya Ajiya

MPN Global Prayer Quake 2018

Day 4 Evening Session :The Rising Of An Unstoppable Church By Bishop Mark Kegohi

Ministers Prayer Network 2018

Day 3 Evening Session: Healing/Covenant Night by Gboyega Shitta

 MPN Global Prayer Network 

Day 3 Evening Session: Personal Revival- A Key to Revival in the Nations

                      Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) started officially on January 18,1995. The International Head Coordinator, Rev Mosy U. Madugba was motivated to start Ministers Prayer Network as a result

of his visit with David Yongi Cho and some Board members of Church Growth International in Seoul, South Korea in October 1989. This was reinforced, by another meeting he had with Mr. George Tuck of West Midlands vision in Birmingham, England on June 12,1992 where he listened to the amazing transformation story of the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA through the power of corporate prayers as was narrated by Raid carpenter at a breakfast meeting at the Forte Crest Hotel, Heil street in Birmingham England.  Read more

      MPN- Apostolic Women Global Summit 2017  Messages


                  March 2017-Gilgal                



Mpn Apostolic Women Conference 2016 (July 10-15,2016)  

Day1 to Day6  Live Stream playlist below 

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